Book Room

JAF_6020Ministry Displays

Ministry displays are located in the center of our bookroom. Displays may be presented by missionaries, colleges, seminaries, and para-church ministries. We rent out tables that are 8’x2′ or half of a table as well. Approved ministries may use their own tables, space permitting. For space and pricing, all inquiries may be directed to David Huffstutler, pastor of the hosting church. Click here to inquire about setting up a display.

Examination and Gift Books

Each year several publishers graciously donate various resources to our Publisher’s Bookroom. These include:

  • Discounts on purchases by conference attendees – these purchases keep our publishers coming back. If you attend, use these discounts to get good resources at great prices!
  • Gift books – publishers will donate anywhere from 50 to 150 of a given title, and we give these books to conference attendees.
  • Examination titles – these are books to be examined for future purchase; we have traditionally been able to give these books away at the end of the conference.

How It Works

All attendees go through the book room at least once. We let pastors and assistant pastors have first go through the book room before the conference begins. We give the second go to all other conference attendees after the first session. At that point, the book room is open for the rest of the day. There are plenty of seats for attendees to examine books for potential purchase, and attendees frequent the book room throughout the day, especially during longer breaks.